Beneteau Oceanis 46
Some useful websites

The weather and tides

Links Website Description
Seabreeze SW region forecast A great site, very accurate forecasts for the South West
BOM Western Coastal Waters Use with Seabreeze for the best forecasts
BOM 4 Day Synoptic Charts Good overview of the forthcoming weather systems
BOM Bunbury Observations Get the latest wind speeds and rainfall etc for Bunbury
BOM Busselton Jetty Observations Get the latest wind speeds and rainfall etc at the jetty
Willy Weather Bunbury Tides and Weather A good site for tidal information
NOAA MTSAT Infra Red Loop Great for watching cyclones on the East coast!
BOM Rain Radar 128km radius from Perth
BOM Rain Radar 256km radius from Perth
Grib.US weather Downloadable free program for use with Grib files for weather forecasting

Sea Rescue, Radio Stations and Emergencies

Links Website Description
ACRM Base Australian Coast Radio Monitors Coast Radio - Log on and Log off with ACRM Base
Dept of Transport Marine Section Useful numbers for emergencies
BOM BOM Communication Services Details of VHF and HF radio weather forecasts
Sea Rescue Bunbury Sea Rescue Details of your local sea rescue

RST (Recreational Skipper's Ticket)

Links Website Description
Digger's Boat School Mention Oceanwest and get a discount on your RST

Yacht Charters (other than Oceanwest !!)

Links Website Description
Whitsunday Escape Whitsunday Escape Whitsundays Yacht Charter Company
Charter Yachts Australia Charter Yachts Australia Whitsundays Charter Yacht Company