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ICC Assessment- International Certificate of Competence and CEVNI Test

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ICC Assessment

As an accredited RYA / YA Training Centre, Oceanwest is able to offer the ICC assessment onboard our training yacht Samsara, or onboard your own yacht.

The ICC can only be issued through the RYA / YA to Australian Citizens, or Nationals of a country that is not a member of the UNECE, such as New Zealand, USA and Canada. The ICC can be issued directly to holders of the RYA Dayskipper practical certificate and higher. Please see below for links to the RYA and Yachting Australia websites for more information about the ICC.

The assessment will normally take about half a day to complete and involves a theory element covering navigation, collision regulations, bouyage and pilotage, and safety, and a practical skills test.

The cost of the assessment onboard our training yacht is $795 per person plus 45 GBP payable direct to the RYA for the issue of the certificate. Do the assessment with a friend and the cost is only $595 per person. If you wish to do the assessment onboard your own yacht, please contact us for a price. Why not get some friends together and make a weekend of it. We offer a refresher practical training and assessment package for a group of 4 with the necessary practical skills and theory knowledge for $750 per person. Includes one nights accommodation onboard and meals.

CEVNI Test - $75

For boating on the inland waterways of Europe, you need to have taken the CEVNI test. We offer this test as an online option for $75. You will need to have a good knowledge of the European Inland Waterways Regulations and we suggest visiting the RYA shop or local nautical book shop to buy the relevant book.

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Please contact us by email at or call Gary on 0412 060 130 for more information

Some frequently asked questions: -

What is an ICC? The ICC or International Certificate of Competence is documentary assurance from one government to another that the holder is competent, meaning that you don’t have to conform to each country's individual certification requirements. It is not a qualification in its own right.

When do I need an ICC? While the requirements vary from country to country, the ICC is recognised to a greater or lesser extent throughout the EU.  It is of particular importance if you are chartering a vessel in a foreign country, or using the European inland waterways. In northern European coastal waters, the ICC is not usually required. However, there are variations meaning that you should always check what is acceptable in foreign states before you go. 

Is the ICC valid across all of Europe for bareboat charter? Many European countries have signed up to Resolution 40 from which the ICC originates or its predecessor Resolution 14.  Although Greece, Spain and Portugal have not signed this agreement, you are still likely to be asked for an ICC in these countries. The RYA and Yachting Australia websites provide guidance on boating in Europe and you should always check with a charter company as to the current requirements of the country prior to organising a charter.

If I have an RYA ‘Certificate of Competence’ do I still need an ICC? If you have a RYA Dayskipper Practical certificate or higher, then you should be eligible to apply for an ICC and it is advisable to apply for the ICC. When operating within the Inland Waterways an ICC is essential.  In this case, you will need to apply first for an ICC and get the CEVNI endorsement (which will mean completing a CEVNI theory assessment beforehand) .

For more information regarding the ICC on the Yachting Australia website -please click here

Comprehensive ICC information and boating abroad is on the RYA website - please click here